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I’m a designer and educator of participating, inquiry and playful learning. My passion is to gamify the process of community- and inquiry-based learning.
I have worked for a long time as a teacher trainer at the Teacher Training School of Helsinki University and currently I work as a continuing education entrepreneur.

My special interest is a teacher training and continuing education. I help teachers find their own way to participate learners.

At the moment special challenge of all over the world is to motivate and support children and teens to find their own self-esteem and their own quality. Autonomy, sense of competence and a common purpose are nice words and core goal is to find engaged action to find those important goals.

Even if autonomy, free will and the role of the protagonist in their own learning were the main things of learning, we need wired teachers to coach, facilitate and initiate them toward those valuable goals.

I have experience, knowledge and creativity to find solutions. I model the society, listen, ask and find the way together with you and help you to design a whole new learning experience.

I have worked also with companies and help them to educate coaches for their own purposes toward better skills inside the company.

You can order me anywhere in the world and I will help you to engage staff, teachers or students.

The schooling process would be any kind of process. Here is one of these:

  • 1. orientation: videos, tasks and co-op in the digital learning environment with the other
  • participants

  • 2. Webinar
  • 3. 1-2 days of local training with me

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